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About Us

Sampark was formally registered in 1993, but its activities had commenced long before. The literacy mission of 1990 in Mumbai was the launching pad. The sustained and successful advocacy of the prohibition movement in Gadchiroli district was the self realization moment for Sampark. Medha Kulkarni, the founder of Sampark was working with All India Radio then and at the same time was actively associated with the social movements of the time. She used the AIR platform for advocating social and cultural issues dear to various sections of the society. The engagement in such activities led her to give a formal shape to the idea of Sampark.

Sampark literally means communication, dialogue. It is Sampark's maxim that right communication and dialogue, based on right information in today's knowledge era, result in Change. The change could be in people's attitudes and behavior or it could be in State policy.

Thus, Sampark made it its mission to act as a 'consulate' for all voluntary organizations in cities and villages of Maharashtra. Sampark provided them with the right information about Government Resolutions, Court decisions, relevant events at local to global levels. Sampark acted on their behalf to media, to the Government, to the Assembly. All these players in the social field too came to accept Sampark as an important agent for public interest intervention

Sampark developed a closely knit network of media persons, researchers, intellectuals and yes, netizens who shared the common concern for social change. Sampark has a live connect with social organizations, movements and the media. Through this wide network, Sampark constantly keeps a track of the emerging global trends and the consequent challenges for social movements. Sampark has been instrumental in prompting public debates on social problems and their resolution, formulation and implementation of public policy.

Our activities include 'Charkha Sampark' which is an initiative in developmental journalism. We have developed and trained a number of 'barefoot journalists' who focus on social issues and find space for them in mainstream media. We have also taken the mainstream journalists at State and national level to interior regions to be face to face with burning issues.

We have been advocating public health issues for a long time and our particular focus has been Maternal and Neonatal Health. We have engendered debates in the State Assembly and the High Court made us a party in a sue motto public interest litigation.

In the course of our activism, we have published literally hundreds of articles focusing on social issues and social entrepreneurship. We have run series of regular columns and have published a number of documents. We have also produced audio-visual documentaries and radio programs.

Sampark has been organizing workshops for the activists in voluntary organizations, to empower them in advocacy and communication and documentation skills. Through our long experience we have developed training manuals on advocacy and media communication.

Sampark also provides direct support to small local groups working with social commitment. It may be added that we strive to involve youth in our various activities. As of today, we have representation in 15 districts in Maharashtra and all of the representatives are young journalists.


Acting as a cross-site partner in the Sure Start Project, was an extension of our ongoing activities and we welcome any opportunity to lend support to any such socially relevant initiative.


Sampark shares the values such as positive intervention and preference to cooperation over confrontation makes the association all the more gratifying.